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Export Documentation

The AICC is a one-stop-solution for the review, certification and legalisation of commercial documents for the Arab markets. The AICC Certificate of Origin should be used for the 19 Arab countries we represent.

Following completion by the exporter the certificate is submitted to the AICC for certification. Certificates and other documents that require legalisation are submitted by the AICC directly to the relevant embassy.

Kuwait, Qatar, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates require all shipments to be legalised.

Certificate of Origin

Instructions for the completion of the AICC Certificate of Origin are printed on the reverse of the blue application section of the Certificate of Origin.

  • The complete 3 page set is required for certification
  • The documents submitted must not contain erasures or superimposed corrections (Tipp-Ex)
  • The Certificate of Origin set must be completed in typescript
  • The consignor/exporter in box 1 must be an Irish registered company within the ROI
  • The consignor/exporter details must match on all documentation.
  • The full name and address of the manufacturer must be included in box 6 and must match box 5. Any components or raw materials must be treated in the same manner.
  • All boxes, with the exception of box 4 which is optional, must be completed
  • Every Certificate of Origin should be accompanied by an original invoice
  • Official copies of the Certificate of Origin are issued by the AICC (photocopies cannot be certified).




Obtaining a blank A-ICC Certificate of Origin 


Members: Blank Certificates of Origin can be purchased directly from the AICC at a cost of €5 per Certificate.

Invoice certification

  • Invoices should be originals
  • The full name and address of the Arab consignee at the final destination should appear on the invoice
  • Invoices must show currency and a value - even if the value is for customs purposes only
  • Some countries require a statement on invoices. Please check individual country page requirements

Other documents

Health, Radiation and Halal Certificates and Packing Lists which accompany a Certificate of Origin and Invoice must be originally signed by the issuer.

  • All Certificates must be dated
  • All documents must show the full name and address of the consignee at the final destination
  • Some countries require documents which do not relate to a Certificate of Origin to be stamped by a Notary Public and the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade. Please check individual country page.

Occasionally, embassy rules and regulations change overnight. We bear no responsibility for any such changes which regrettably must be passed directly to exporters. We will always pass on any new requirements as soon as we are informed of them.

Methods of Payment

We accept the following: 

  • Credit/laser cards -    If payment is made over the phone by credit card, can you please download the Credit Card Authorisation Form under 'Downloads' above, sign and email to
  • Company cheques, postal orders or bank drafts made payable to ‘Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce’
  • Bank transfer

Document return

  • Swift Post: €9.00
  • Courier to Middle East: €75.00
  • Courier to UK:  €60.00
  • Courier within Ireland: €40.00

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